Bathroom Tiles Create An Uplifting Ambiance!

With the advancement of technology, human interests have changed phenomenally. Now, every individual in this world desires more than just a house. Rather, a fully furnished household with all the latest embellishments. Even bathroom, which is one of the most integral parts of the house, have come a long way. Bathrooms have emerged as the ultimate style statements. In this respect, bathroom tiles play a key role in beautifying this area. Selecting the most appropriate tile becomes paramount as it should compliment other accessories in the space.

The market is flooded with several varieties of bathroom tiles and it will surely rack your brains to choose the right tile for your bathroom. Porcelain and ceramic, marble, river rocks and slate, the choice of material alone is a hard one but with the help of your imagination and a bit of patience, you can create wonderful designs for your bathroom.

An ideal bathroom tile must be impervious and water-resistant. Bathroom tiles of different varieties are available in the market. These tiles are of various shapes, sizes, textures and colours. Slip-resistant and non porous ceramic tiles have been traditionally used around the shower area and baseboard. In the present scenario, the vanity area is also being tiled. Ceramic tiles provides beautiful, long lasting wall that are easy to maintain and is apparently impossible to stain. But a particular variety of ceramic tile, called non-vitreous, do absorb some moisture, and therefore are strict no-no for bathroom applications.
Another popular bathroom tile is travertine.

These tiles have been utilized for several purposes like flooring, wall coverings, buildings, showers, baths, outertops etc. Being a durable material, these tiles have been trusted for several applications. Travertine tiles are available in a variety of colour such as beige, walnut and ivory and they provide a bright look to the bathroom. Premium tiles are beautiful but can lead to cold feet in the morning so it is better to choose a warm hued tile. However, apart from these advantages, travertine comes with a disadvantage. These tiles are reactive to acidic solutions as they are constituted of natural stones. Therefore, these tiles call for a bit of caution.

While choosing a bathroom tile, the colour becomes a significant point as it is the colour the gives character to the space. Lighter, pastel shades can create a joyful and relaxing atmosphere, while darker shades give a dreamier look. Colour like white makes the bathroom look larger while yellow, peach and green make the bathroom look more cozy and blue and violet reflect a calm atmosphere. So before you opt for a tile, you must choose the right colour that will define your desire. The cost of each tile is different based on the type, design and manufacturer, so you need to do your bit of groundwork before turning to the market. Conventional designs are pass?, instead lest your imagination and achieve an exceptional look with colourful Bathroom tiles. Beautiful and interesting tile accents and murals can create magnificent patterns in your bathroom.