Cork Backed Stone Coasters

If you are looking for the perfect coasters to accentuate your decor and won?t scratch your furniture, then you should look for stone coasters. Not only do these coasters have the cork backing your need to protect your furniture from scrapes and scratches.

The cork has non-slip features so it won?t slide on the table top causing you to spill your drink. However, one of the best benefits of coasters made from stone is that this material is porous and therefore will absorb the liquid that condenses on the outside of the glass. Instead of pooling on the top of the coaster and running off the sides it will seep into the stone and stay there until it evaporates naturally into the air.

Stone coasters are slightly more expensive than regular coasters, but they are well worth the extra price you pay. They will last for years and years and never lose their absorbent quality. After a while if you notice that the coasters are not as absorbent as they once were, this could be because the pores in the stone have become clogged.

A simple cleaning will restore this absorbency. This is easy to do by simply washing the coasters in a solution of warm water and a drop of dishwashing detergent. You may need to scrub any stubborn stains and then rinse off the coasters in warm, clear water. You do not need to dry them with a cloth. Just lay them out on a clean cloth and let the water evaporate from them overnight.

The texture of the surface of stone coasters is slightly rough. This helps to prevent the glass from staying on the coaster when you lift it to take a drink. Some regular and inexpensive coasters will stick to the glass and you don?t even realize it until the coaster crashes to the table top or the floor. This won?t happen when you choose stone as the material for your coaster.

With the many designs available in stone beverage coasters, you can match these small items to the decor of any room. They are also available in holiday themes, such as Christmas, Easter, Valentine?s Day and Halloween. The natural scenes are very delightful and help to bring a sense of nature into your home. You can brighten a cold winter?s night with coasters that have a beach scene imprinted on them.

You also have a choice in custom designed stone coasters. If you have a certain image you would like to have on a set of coasters, many of the companies that manufacture these items will be able to imprint this design on the coasters for you ? for an extra charge of course. The coasters are also sealed with a protective sealant that helps to preserve the imprinted design and the natural color of the stone.

Some of the commonly used types of stone used in stone coasters include sandstone, slate and Indian stone. Marble is also used and makes an elegant looking coaster, but is not a good choice of stone if you plan to use the coasters most of the time. This stone is absorbent, but it does scratch quite easily and is easy to break. This is why the majority of homeowners choose sandstone coasters when they have guests in for drinks.