How To Make Your Leather Furniture Last

The use of leather furniture has increasingly become popular in the years that passed. The primary reason behind is its affordability to average consumers.

Many people prefer to have leather furniture in their homes because leather possesses a luxurious and elegant look and feel. It is much easier to clean and care for than fabric. Leather is known to be a very durable material, which is oftentimes used in making furniture coverings. It is so durable that it can resist damages caused by sun and heat, and cannot be easily punctured.

Despite its sturdiness, leather remains soft and may even become softer as it ages. Because leather is a natural material, it is breathable. You will not have to worry of it becoming become cold during winter and becoming sticky during the summer as leather will adapt to the temperature of your room. Because of these advantages, leather furniture continues to become a popular addition not only to homes but also to offices.

As mentioned, leather is one of the most durable materials used for making furniture. But even if it is very resistant to any harm, owners should still take precautions in caring for their furniture for it to last long-term. So, here?s some tips on how to make your leather furniture last.

1. Never position your leather furniture in direct sunlight or heat source. Heat sources include radiators, heating vents, and fireplaces. Leather will tend to fade out and will fade after several years of overexposing it to such heat sources, more especially under direct sunlight.

2. Never expose your leather furniture to high humidity or liquid. Doing otherwise can cause damage the dye or discolor the leather.

3. Don’t place your leather furniture where people can frequently rub against it. Rubbing against the leather can cause permanent marks. Although leather conditioners can be used to remove most marks, irreparable wear and tear may happen over time.

4. Dust your leather furniture regularly. Wiping your furniture with a cloth each week is good enough as this helps keep the leather pores free from any dust particles.

5. Immediately clean any spills. It is inevitable that someone may spill food over your leather furniture. If this happens, gently wipe it up with a cloth with liquid hand soap. Some spills may be a lot more serious to clean up, such as urine, blood, ink, wax, or grease. In removing such spills, leather cleaners must be instantly used.

With gentle cleaning and appropriate care, your leather furniture will surely last a long time to satisfy your home furniture needs.