Job Outlook: Occupations In Interior Design

If you have a talent and love for all things visual, you may be a candidate for a career in interior design. Whether for corporate or individual clients, whether working in an agency or for yourself as a freelancer, your degree in interior design can be put to use in more ways than you might think.

The U.S. Department of Labor, Bureau of Labor Statistics website states, “”Individuals with little or no formal training in interior design, as well as those lacking creativity and perseverance, will find it very difficult to establish and maintain a career in this occupation.”” Attending design school and earning your degree in interior design can potentially open many doors for you. Let’s look at several options outlined by the U.S. Department of Labor. As a baseline, I’ll use the city of Tampa, Florida. Design school graduates might elect to become an/a:

  • Architectural Designer
  • Home Interior Designer
  • Specialized Interior Designer (Corporate, Kitchen & Bath, etc.)
  • Retail Store Designer
  • and much more

Let’s look at three of these careers in more detail.

Architectural Designer

Focusing as much on building codes and standards as creativity and aesthetic design, an architectural designer is usually employed by an architectural firm. Making use of AutoCAD software and other tools, you could be responsible for incorporating design elements into the inside structure of a building as well as decorating the interior rooms. In a city such as Tampa, degrees of this nature would be in-demand due to the interesting and diverse architectural elements found throughout the landscape.

Home Interior Designer

Location is a big factor when it comes to interior design. You’ll typically do better in highly populated areas that attract tourists or are appealing to upper income levels such as Tampa. Design school graduates may find a wealth of business from retirees, owners of rental properties or those purchasing second homes.

Retail Store Designer

There are also careers for retail store designers in Tampa. A marketing background is a plus when working in a retail store as you’ll most likely be required to sell items in the store along with providing interior design assistance to customers. You may work in a department store, a furniture store or other retail outlet.

Determining whether you want to pursue a career in interior design requires consideration about such things as:

  • a love of working with people
  • creativity
  • a sense of style
  • architecture
  • and more

Whether your goal is to work to improve the appearance of hospital pediatric wards or to design elegant d?cor for upscale homes, you can express your sense of style through an interior design career.