Our Home is The Mirror of Our Soul

Show me your friend to tell you who you really are””.This is an old saying but it is also true. Usually people are closer to the persons that have the same interests, the same habits, the same “”want””, “”must””, “”believe””. All these have to be common between a friendship so that to be forever. If you remain in a friendship means that you and your friend have a lot of common elements and you go together. If your friend has a respectable personage you become respectable too! On the contrary if your friend is miserable you become a sad person too.

So, most of the times, your friends is the mirror of yourself and your character and that’s why you have to choose them very carefully!

Children reflect their soul and their feelings through their pictures.

An image is like thousands of words””. Their pictures certify their family secrets and their psychology. Colorful pictures with a concrete subject like the sun, the sea, the sky, the rainbow, a house and a family, mirror the peace in their soul. Show that their thoughts are in stability. Conversely, pictures in dark colors, lines with no meaning, subjects with no sense, mirror the confusion and the instability of their soul and their thoughts. The pictures, is a tactic that is used in the child psychology and by social workers and help them to understand what the child is feeling, what happen in the family and if something goes wrong.

The pictures are the voice of the children and the mirror of their soul!

The eyes are the mirror of the soul!
This is also an old and real saying. Eyes can say what the mouth can’t. If you are happy your eyes will shine. If you are sad your eyes will cry. If you are in love your eyes smile. If you are laying your eyes look guilty. If you are jealous your eyes will stare at what you want but you can not have. If you are angry your eyes will steam. If you are sick your eyes will look tired. If you are shy your eyes will look down.

All the emotions, all your feelings, all those that you can’t phrase your eyes will give them away. Sometimes, one look has bigger meaning than one sentence. Your eyes are the mirror of your soul!

Our home is the mirror of our soul!

When people say that the eyes are the mirror of the soul I can add that also our home is the mirror of our soul. And I am going to explain this if you keep reading!

Each house has its own smell! Do you agree? Yes! Perfect! If the owners of a house have the bad habit of smoking, then the house takes the smell of the smoke. If the owners like cooking then the house takes the smell of the sweets, of the cakes, of the foods in general! If the owners like to take care of themselves then the house smell perfumes and body lotions. So the smell of our house denotes our habits!

People that like to be everything in order keep also their home clean and settled. And you can discover it if you have a look in their drawers. Spoons, forks, knives, clothes, socks, underwear, games, discs, books, everything are lined up and everything has its own place. These people spend a lot of money to buy boxes, bureaus, cupboards, and bookshelves just to keep everything in order!Do you like traveling? Well I can find it out when I will visit your home! People that like traveling, use for the decoration of their home different kind of souvenirs. They collect souvenirs that they buy from the places that they have visited. Collections of pictures, albums of postcards, albums of photos, drawers full of maps, collections of rare drinks and foods, collections of small rarities and memories is the base of their social people like to keep their home open for their friends and their guests. Some of them, if they have the possibility, accommodate a special place as a guest room so that they can host their visitors anytime. At their table you will always find a glass of wine and a bowl of nuts. They spend a lot of money for the decoration of their living and dining room. For them the worth of a comfortable sofa and a big dining table is incredible.People that have an environmental conscience!

Have you ever visited a person like them? Their house has a completely different decoration because they prefer to use natural materials. They like to bring the nature in their home. For their floor they prefer materials from wood and bamboo instead of tiles or other technical paneling. They decorate their vases with real flowers than the plastic. They use natural fabrics for their sofas and chairs and all-wool carpets. The natural colors for the paint of the walls take the position of the toxics. They use renewable sources of energy and other solutions to recycle and save up water. In general the homes that are naturally decorated have nothing to do with the modern and more common decoration of homes.

What about our emotions and our feelings? Do they reflect to our home?

Well it is enough if you think that when we have a pleasant mood we like to occupy with our home. We buy flowers to decorate our vases, we flame aromatic candles, we clean the house, we cook, we make sweets and we invite people. When we are happy our home takes life!

On the contrary, when we are in a bad mood we forget that we have a house that need to take care. We are not in the mood to clean it, we are not in the mood to occupy with the kitchen at all and we like to stay at home alone with the door locked and the windows closed. So our bad mood exacts a toll the image of our home!

In conclusion, what we are, what we feel, what we think and what we like are reflected in our home.

Our home is the mirror of our soul!