Table Top Decor Can Make a Home Feel Lived-In

Have you ever walked into the home of a friend, relative, or associate and been struck by how much it looked like a picture from a decorating magazine? If you’re like many people, you find that a home that is impersonal is less welcoming and friendly and lacks a feel for the personality of the people who live there. It is possible to get great decorator style without sacrificing the feeling that a house is somebody’s home. Here are a few table top and living room decorating ideas that may help you create a designer home with a lived-in feeling:

Trays – The right trays can serve a dual purpose in your living room and on your accent tables. They serve as a stylish compliment to the tops of tables and can be used to display any number of additional decor items.

Runners – A table runner is an integral part of table top decor. It can serve as the lone decoration for the table top or as the foundation for a clever or interesting display.

Bowls – Decorative bowls make wonderful table top accents, especially when filled with fruit, candy, or other items. The right serving bowl can turn even an ordinary occasion into a formal celebration!

Board Games – There’s nothing like a decorative board game to start up the conversation and inspire people to sit down and play together. Whether you set out a beautiful chess set or a lovely Mahjong set, you’ll get the activities started with decorative board games.

Vases – The perfect complement to any table top, a vase can be anything that you want it to be. It can stand on its own as art or sculpture, or it can be the receptacle for holding a weekly bouquet of fresh flowers to brighten up your home.

Decor Boxes – Decor boxes give you a practical place to store your keepsakes while doubling as beautiful and interesting table top decor items. You can express your unique style with Egyptian boxes, music boxes, or even book boxes.

Porcelain Figurines – Fine porcelain figurines are perfect for adorning any table top. Show off your collection of beautiful porcelain dolls or other treasured collections for table top decor items that are highly personal.

Sculptures – Finally, you can really personalize your home with the help of interesting sculptures that reflect your interests and personal style. Whether you choose oriental, modern art, or Egyptian busts, a sculpture can represent the personality of your family.