Wall Plaques – Not Just Awards, Memorial Or Bronze

When you think of wall plaques, most people think of award plaques, some think memorial plaques and yet others think bronze plaques. Well I?m here to set the record straight. There is more here to meet the eye. All you have to do is think decorative.

I too was unfamiliar with the decorative side of wall plaques. After some research on the subject of wall plaques, I discovered that there are some interesting artful wall plaques available to add a decorative touch to almost every decorative theme.

So let’s explore our options and see what choices we have when contemplating the addition of a decorative wall plaque. For those who are searching for the elegant look of stone, your choice would be the Aged Stone Collection. Here you have the timeless beauty of stone.

When it comes to choice, your selections in this category are Genius of Sleep, Wind and Sun, Peach Bracket, Detail over Door, Sunflower, Laughing Lion, Fleur De Lis of Old, Poseidon Wall Mask, Emperor, Little Boy Spring and many more. There isn?t enough room to describe all of the Aged Stone Collection here, so it will be up to you to go online and see this wonderful collection for yourself.

Now we will take a look at Fiberglass Collection of decorative wall plaques. Although this is a fiberglass collection, all of these wall plaques have the appearance of aged stone. The process involved to make these plaques appear to be stone is a form of art in itself.

Here you have four categories. These categories are Friezes, Garden Plaques, Reliefs and Mirrors and Frames. I will do my best to describe all of these to you.

In the category of Friezes you have 32 titles to choose from. These range from Angel Statue of Peace to Pomegranate Harvest, from Rose Outdoor Garden Urn to Warriors & Slaves and everything in between. You have to see these to really appreciate the detail.

In the Garden Plaques category of the Fiberglass Collection you have 56 titles to choose from. These titles range from Rosette Remnant with Frame to Cherubs of Springtime Plaque, from Heavenly Wine Makers to Wild Hare Relief. Here too there is a wide range of choice. I also wanted to mention that although this is called the ?Garden Plaque? category, these beautiful plaques are an exquisite addition to the walls of any room in your home.

Our next category in the Fiberglass Collection is Reliefs. With Reliefs your choices range from Anima Relief to Estiva Relief, from Renaissance Greenman Relief to Last Supper Wall Relief, from San Galgano Horizontal Relief to Voyageur Du Monde Wall Relief and more. To truly appreciate the artwork of these reliefs you have to view them online. Words on this page will not do justice to this detailed art form.

Our final category in the Fiberglass Collection is Mirrors and Frames. This is a beautiful collection of 18 titles to choose from. Although these are a form of wall mirror, if you take a look at these, you will see that there is a strong relationship to wall plaques in their design.

The titles in this Mirrors and Frames range from Angel Statues on the Sea Mirror to Babies in Leaves Mirrored, from Blair Mirror to Martire Mirror, from Oval Scroll Mirror to Theatre Accent Mirrored and more. If you are the person who never thought a mirror would go anywhere in your home except for the bathroom or bedroom, you will be rethinking you opinions on wall mirrors after you take a good look at these.

The subject of Wall Plaques encompasses a large variety of wall hanging art. Once you are introduced to the magnificent collection of artful wall plaques available, you are going to see these wondrous wall hanging artworks in an entirely new light.